Brief Introduction

  • 1. ADARSHA is an app that lets you read and conduct searches of ancient documents in a digital format. There are three main categories of texts: (a) Kangyur (the words of the Buddha translated into Tibetan) ; (b) Tengyur (commentaries by Indian scholars translated into Tibetan) ; and (c) Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.
  • 2. The software features a fast search engine and simple user interface that meets the needs and habits of the common user in searching and reading material. Searches can be made in Unicode Tibetan or Wylie, and there are summaries of the scriptures for the convenience of the academic community.
  • 3. His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, named the software ADARSHA (Sanskrit), which means “clear mirror,” with the hope that users will be able to clearly see their own minds reflected in the scriptures as if they were looking at a clear reflection in a mirror.


  • 1. Search: ADARSHAH allows fast searches of all texts as well as by title or other cataloging information, and allows filtering of results. Readers can also view texts according to the catalog, organized by pitaka and title of the text.
  • 2. View texts: The reading display presents a simple view of the text with the ability to adjust text size and spacing as well as to view it in Wylie.

Development Team


  • Special thanks to BDRC for supporting quite a few images of Tibetan pecha.
  • Special thanks to 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha for the English titles of Kangyur texts.
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